a short film by Joel Griffin

shot in Berkeley, CA.

Some robots can run
The city is experiencing a brutal underground power struggle. During this violent war a powerful family has been robbed of a valuable possession. Levelle, in hopes of clearing a debt to this dangerous family, now transports this item back to its owners. 
Dangerous men have been sent after Levelle to intercept the item and murder him. They are not far behind and they know where he is going.

The Crew
May 2019
Joel Griffin
Writer, Director, Editor, Producer 

Levelle Timberlake
Actor (lead)

Tony Jonick
Camera Operator

Security, Gaff

Carrington Scott
Actor (driver)

Nicco Piña
Actor (passenger)

Isoon Jitloedlamphakdee
Camera Operator

Zak Miller
Original Sound Track

Steven Chen
Title Graphics

Taylor Cross
Actress (lady in photo)

release date: June 1st 2019